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Shenzhen Longyin Printing Packing Co. Ltd which affiliated with Longyin International Printing Group Limited (Hong Kong Longyin Group) is one of the most Influential printing enterprises in Guangdong province. The company's business refers to Culture communication, technology, chemical, construction, engineering, and logistic industries.

Our factory is established in 2001. After years of effort, the company has been one of Printing&Packaging and Advertising suppliers for some famous enterprises in domestic and foreign area, such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Life Insurance, McDonald, and so on.

Our office is  located in Bagualing ,Futian, Shenzhen .The factory is up to 6000 square meters which located in Longhua District,Shenzhen, more than 300 employees, including around 50 various technical staffs, also has some manual workers as backup which supports us complete large printing orders in short time.

We aim to please you with both our quotes and then, the quality of our work. If you have a complicated printing job on your hands which may require some innovation, tell us. We love a challenge! 

In addition, we aim for fast 'turnaround' times, knowing that for our customers, speed is also of the essence. We continue to refine our approach in response to the changing needs and concerns of people like you. We go above and beyond - in terms of price, in terms of quality and in terms of general service. Printing is more than just splashing some ink on a page - it is both an art and a science. Long Yin Printing never forgets this.If you have any questions, Please Contact Us

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