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Envelops Making Notice:

A. Standard Envelops Making Size:

   No.2 Envelop: 176x125mm

   No.5 Envelop: 220x110mm

   No.6 Envelop: 230x120mm

   No.7 Envelop: 229x162mm

   No.9 Envelop:324x229mm

B. Envelops Paper

   No.2 Envelop: 100g offset paper

   No.5 Envelop: 100g offset paper

   No.6 Envelop: 100g offset paper

   No.7 Envelop: 100g offset paper

   No.9 Envelop: 120g offset paper

C. Envelops Style:

   Chinese style envelop, Western style envelop, Brown envelop, Official envelop, Portfolio,      Invitation letter envelop

D. Envelops Printing Files

   The files are ok making from Coreldraw, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoship software, with        converting text to curves.

F. Printing Files Format:

   a. CorelDraw in CDR format

   b. Freehand& Illustrator in EPS format

   c. Photoshop in PSD, TIF or JPG format

   picture resolution should be above 350dpi

G. Coloring files in CMYK

H. Lines thinner than 0.076mm can't be printed

I. Color setting ratio can't be lower than 8%, otherwise the color can't be seen.

J. About Colors

   If printing same files not at the same time, slight chromatic aberration is common, especially in offset paper, leni paper, white cards.

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