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The paper printing to be bestowed favor on newly with plastic film as medium

American researchers in a laboratory at the university of California, riverside, create no ink printing novel rewrite "paper", in the form of glass or plastic film as medium, based on the REDOX dye, have blue, red, and green three primary colors, recycled after 20 times, no significant loss in the contrast and resolution.Related research results published in the December 2, the online journal nature communications.

The paper first invented by Chinese, with a variety of purposes, the most common of which are used in writing and printing.In fact, the development of civilization and spread to a large extent thanks to the use of paper for writing materials.According to the survey, 90% of the nowadays business information is retained on the paper, although a large number of printing paper are discarded after used only once.As the use of the traditional paper, waste paper (and the cartridge) will be accompanied by a series of environmental problems, such as deforestation, forest chemical pollution of air, water and land, if the paper can be "wipe" many times, so this situation can be changed.

According to physicists organization network reported recently, the lab leader, of the university chemistry professor Yin Yadong said: "the dye 'paper' imaging layer formation, printing was realized by using ultraviolet light bleaching in the dye. Erasable 'paper' requires no additional printing ink, make it feasible in economy and environment. It represents a can meet the global growing demand for sustainable development and environmental protection and attractive alternative to conventional paper choice."

The novel "paper" is basically a glass or plastic film can be rewritten in the form of medium, letters and pattern can be repeated printing, keep for several days, and then through a simple heating erasure.It has three primary colors: blue, red, green, and by using the commercial REDOX dye methylene blue and neutral red and acid green preparation respectively, including dye in the titanium dioxide nanocrystal (these) as catalyst and hydrogen thickener cellulose (HEC).A mixture of dyes, catalysts and HEC to the "paper" added high reversibility and repeatability.

In the writing of "paper" phase, ultraviolet reducing dye to its colorless state.In erasing stage, REDOX dye to recover its original color, namely imaging materials through reaction with oxygen in the surrounding environment and restore its original color.Usually will be heated to 115 can accelerate the reaction, the erasing process is less than 10 minutes to complete.

Researchers said: "in this' paper printed words with high resolution, visible, under the condition of the external environment can keep more than three days, it has been long enough in practical applications, such as reading a newspaper. Even better, its simple production, low production cost, less toxicity and low energy consumption."

To reduce the total cost, the researchers are laboratory to recycle 100 times as the goal and strive to increase the use of the "paper".And study how to extend the printed text or image clarity more than three days, to expand its potential USES, and the possibility of multi-color printing.


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