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Discuss the main factors affecting the development of Japan's printing industry

The main factors affecting the development of Japan's printing industry has the following kinds:

A, the growth of the network printing

Current estimates that Japan network printing market about 50 billion yen ($500 million).Longyin printing group expects the market will grow to 200 billion - 300 billion yen.Network printing the user is not just consumers or end users.Printing companies are using web services to deal with their small batch operations.Some network is becoming a market leading printing company, which makes the new entrants is more and more difficult to establish market position.

Network printing pressure on prices of existing business form.Network printing companies are actively promote the standardization of color management scheme, in order to reduce red tape color proofing.If it can achieve lower costs, it's longer delivery time allows.

Second, the digital printing

Digital printing in the printing still account for only a very small market share, while the digital printing market continues to grow, predict 2014 will amount to 294 billion yen ($2.94 billion), but it's still only accounts for the entire printing a relatively small market share (about 5% - 6%).Data processing services to occupy the mainstream of digital printing market, more than 70% of the data processing service is with the bank/phone bills, direct mail, and teaching assistants' book.

Also all kinds of offset press, the use of the rotary press, the new UV technology, new techniques, such as the use of all bring positive impact on the development of printing industry, pay attention to these aspects above, actively participate in the automation, the tide of digital, to continually promote the further development of the printing industry.

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