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The print didn't lock easy to cause the five problems

Press workers remove the print in a day is a few blocks, there were 10, less once when removing version didn't print lock, will have a great impact on the production quality of printing machine.Summarizes the longyin printing group, mainly has the following five aspects:

A, badly aligned

Print lock isn't the biggest effect is badly aligned, the factory is the printing without any problems, the next was badly aligned when printing.When this problem most of reason is that the print without locking.Because every time the lock version of the degree of different, so the location of the print is not the same.

Second, the ribbon for not neat

Ribbon for not neat is also among the common, due to print in the process of the lock version tight pine, then formed a ribbon for.So some operators found ribbon for not neat will hang the print from the new, or adjust the pad of paper printed edge direction.

Three, printing, virtual boundary

Because of loose print, ink print shift creates a loose, uneven ink transfer, leads to false edge.

Four, printing ink

Print is loose, the front-end transfer ink will be big, it is easy to form when printing ink accumulation causes because of the large amount of ink and printing ink.

Five, the fuzzy printing

Especially the fine print, the print due to loose, between the font is prone to heap ink, lead to fuzzy printing.

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