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Drupa2016 will focus on electronic printing, 3 d printing and inkjet printing

The world's leading "printing and cross-media solution" drupa2016, the exhibition will be on May 31, 2016 was held in Dusseldorf, Germany.For the smooth convening of the show, from global printing and cross-media solution provider gave us a great support, many enterprises have scheduled exhibition area is greater than the previous exhibition.

Although it is far from the exhibition held a formal and 18 months, but 80% drupa2016 exhibition booth area has been booked.If this kind of popular trend to continue, all drupa2016 exhibition booths will be sold out.

Dusseldorf exhibition company board, said given the current economic situation, which is more challenging booth sold 80% of success is very not easy.Worldwide, there has been no other access to such a great success.The result fully proves that we focus on the future and highlight the theme of the strategic adjustment is correct.

Drupa2016 aimed at the exhibition's "printing and cross-media solution", is Dusseldorf exhibition companies, including hewlett-packard, ricoh and EFI company "giant" for a long time, after consultation, make a decision.

To "touch the future" as the slogan, drupa2016 will be more focused on the future of technology, such as printing electronic, 3 d printing, industrial application of inkjet printing, etc.These innovative technology has been developing drive the market, and bring packaging, function and industrial printing more growth opportunities.

, according to a report released global packaging printing market sales will be growing at 4% a year on average, by 2018, the total amount is 970 billion dollars.Industry and functional printing market will maintain sustained growth momentum.

The performance of the 3 d printing market is more active.According to statistics, the amount of 3 d printing in the global market is about $2.2 billion.And according to the German machinery association, is expected to increase material manufacturing enterprises is expected to grow 25% a year on average.Whether drupa or Dusseldorf exhibition company's other exhibition, we will be more focused on the topic of 3 d printing.

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