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The brief analysis of the printer will board type and reason of crushing

Cardboard crushing have all been crushed, strip flattening and the difference of local flattening, how to distinguish the different types?Where did these case appeared to be the problem?

A, all get squashed

If found the cardboard comprehensively by crushing, please confirm whether the printing surface is full version, if not full printing, it must be the paper feeding wheel will board of crushing.If it is full of printing, the printing pressure first let go, to feed, if the board is not crushing, it is the print pressure caused by cardboard was crushing.

Second, the strip flattening

When a local flattening, usually with paper roller pressure is too large, lead to the cardboard squashed.Cardboard squished show whole state at this moment, and take paper round as wide width.This is obvious that easy to distinguish.

Third, local crushing

Cardboard surface in the printing design crushing area, which means the printing pressure caused by local area cardboard flattening, then squashed shape and printing design is the same.

Die cutting pressure, of course, also can produce all the phenomenon of squashed, and cardboard to be crushing of the printing press was probably caused by a printing press pressure is too large, for this type of problems should be analyzed according to the practical situation.

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