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The imminent opening of 2016 China international color box show

Affected by slowing economic growth, color box packaging, like other industries, facing a small profit, loss, or even collapse phenomenon, strives for the survival in the rough.But with the improvement of consumption level, consumer industries and the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry's rapid rise, the explosive growth of consumer electronics, the packaging color, smoothness of the demand is higher and higher, color box packaging has good development prospects.

In order to promote the progress of the color box packaging industry in our country, promote the exchange of industry and development, under the auspices of the reed expo group promotes color box industry resources integration, improve the color box industry technology development event - 2016 China international exhibition of color box will be on April 14 to 16, 2016 in grand opening, houjie town, dongguan, guangdong modern international exhibition center.

The 2016 China international exhibition of color box will be held in the same period 2016 south China international exhibition of corrugated, 2016 China flexo printing technology, China packaging container, scale, with 67000 square meters of large area to build a set of procurement, in the field of packaging technology, information, trade, education of one-stop business platform, power color box packaging enterprises implement equipment optimization, improve product structure, develop new markets, stimulate the enterprise procurement requirements.Four exhibition at the same time, in addition, will also join the flexible packaging, labels, packing terminal users, such as wider manufacture and application fields, and 2016 China international exhibition of color box together to achieve the integration of the whole packaging manufacturing industry chain.

2016 China international color box show on the stage, will assemble die cutting machine, grooving machine, heaven and earth cover, fillet machine, molding machine such as ratio of equipment and consumables suppliers brand, with the latest scientific research products, help the diversification of color box packaging enterprise products to solve many difficulties, doubtful point, thus improve the procurement efficiency, save the investment cost, help enterprise saving energy and reducing consumption, efficient production, improve product added value, increase profit growth point.

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