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Quality Assurance and Commitment

Company has established perfect quality management system and environment management system, which conforms to the requirement of QMS and EMS management system. Technical quality assurance staff is set in every procedure, to do comprehensive quality control, using professional knowledge to analysis problems us which is reported by customers. This is to continuously improve our company's management system, make sure the system works effective, providing value-added service to customers.



1. Quality Policy(ISO9001:2008/QMS):

Customer first, mainly prevention, full participation, continuous improvement

2. Environment Policy(ISO14001:2004/EMS):

Compliance with laws and regulations, implement pollution prevention

Continue to improve management, improve environmental performance

3. Electronic Industry Code of Conduct/ Occupational Health and Safety Policy(EICC:2009/OHSAS18001:2007):

Compliance law, safety first; comprehensive management, Health protection

4. Hazardous Substances Management Policy(QC080000:2005/IECQ-HSPM):

Material control, process management; outflow reporting, eliminate excessive.

5. Woods system management Policy(FSC-COC):

Saving paper, being kind to resources.

6. Social Responsibility Management Policy(SA8000:2008):

Bear the social responsibility, create social value.

7. Toy Industry Association Business ethics management policy(ICTI:2009):

Security and development, people-oriented.



(1) Quality Target(ISO9001:2008/QMS):

1.Customer complaint rate control <= 0.5% (monthly) ;

2.Customer rejection rate control >= 0.3% (monthly) ;

3.Monthly production costs of failure <= 0.5% (monthly) ;

4.On-time delivery rate >=95% (monthly);

5.On-time delivery rate >=95% (yearly);

(2) Environmental Target(ISO14001:2004/EMS):

(3) Electronic Industry Code of Conduct,Occupational Health and Safety,Social responsibility and business ethics goals(EICC/OHSAS18001/SA8000/ICTI):

1.Zero fire accident;

2.Heavy injuries accident is Zero, Minor injury rate <=  0.1%

3.New plant employees three safety education rate100%;

4.Special Equipment Inspection rate100%;

5.Special operations personnel certified rate100%;

6.Monitoring the rate of occupational hazards posts >=90%;

7.Employees satisfaction >= 90%.

(4) Hazardous substances management objectives(QC080000:2005/IECQ-HSPM):

1.The true effectiveness of material inspection report100%;

2.ROHS and REACH Controlled substances meet regulatory requirements 100%;

3.HThe amount of ROHS and REACH controlled substances do not exceed the prescribed limit;

4.The above limits to meet customer requirements98%;

(5) Woods system management objectives(FSC-COC):

1.Incoming compliance >= 98%;

2.Excess material reused  >= 90%


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