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1.Booking Shipping Space. You can consult with many forwarders to compare the shipping cost for ocean shipment to find a satisfying forwarder then cooperate with them.

2.After booking space, you will get a Delivery Notice from your forwarder on which you can see the delivery address and the latest delivery time.

3.After prepared the cargo then send them to the dock, then you will know the container number and container tare

4.Preparing invoice and packing list and finish the customs clearance at last on or two days before the sailing date. When doing the customs clearance, you will need the foreign exchange verification and Customs Power of Attorney besides invoice and packing list. You need to prepare these documents before in case of the delay. But you only need to give these files to your forwarder, they can handle for you.

5.When the cargo are cleared by customs clearance, your work is finished.

6.After the ship left, you need to ask for the Bill of Lading and send to your customers for pick up.

7.Receipt of Proceeds--charge off---refund of duty

Take it easy, you will get familiar with it after one time.

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