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FTP File upload

1.Customers can upload the completed file directly into our Company's FTP site, and call us to confirm the order.

(Note: file is not limited)

FTP site: ftp://

User Name: 


How to use FTP

Step A. Click "My Computer" on the "desktop"

Step B. Fill in the address bar then press 'Enter'

Step C. Input the User Name and Password

Step D. When opened copy the files into blank space of FTP site

Step E. After upload is completed, call us to confirm the order for you.

Send via Email

2. Customers can send the completed files to us via email. then call us to confirm the order.

(Note: Files cannot be larger than 10MB)

Email: sales001@lprinting.net

For the convenience of customers and avoid mistakes to cause any delays, please upload all files following the below guidelines:

We accept following softwares:

Adobe Illustrator CS6,Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, CorelDraw X6,PDF

File Request:

Uploaded files must be 1:1 ratio to the printed, and up to 300dpi pixel archives.

Words in the files must be transferred into outline word (commonly known as outline fonts)

Please turn the manuscript color into CMYK full color for printing process. 

Pictures in the manuscript must be up to 300dpi pixels.

There must be 1/8 inch (3mm) bleeding and die cutting lines out to the printing edges in order for machine cutting, please double check if there are 3mm bleeding and die cutting lines out there, and the file is 1:1 ratio to the printed documents.

Please assure the text to be 3mm or more away from the borders, in order to avoid cutting the text

Can not be required to be the same color with color on screen or on digital works. Please consider the CMYK percentage as the standard.

CMYK fillness can not be less than 5%.

Please preserve the PDF file to be at least 300dpi and as higher as possible, in order to get good printing effect.

If file is bigger than 100MB, please compress it first then upload it into FTP site to avoid work damaging when uploading.

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