The relationship between speed and quality of hardcover

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The relationship between speed and quality of hardcover
In Shenzhen printing factory, offset printing adopts indirect printing. The reason why the pictures and texts on the printing plate can be transferred to paper depends on the roller pressure. Therefore, when the speed of the printing press increases, the pressure of the cylinder should be increased accordingly. Today, Longyin printing is about the relationship between press speed, pressure and quality;
The increase of speed means that the contact time between the printing plate and the blanket, between the blanket and the paper of the substrate will be reduced correspondingly. The reduction of this time will increase the degree of incomplete contact between printing surfaces, which will generally cause quality accidents such as plate dropping, color difference, etc.
The pressure appropriateness of the printing press in Shenzhen printing factory is often shown by the printing quality of the printed matter. The pressure should be imposed within a reasonable range on the premise of whether the hardcover book has solid mesh point, clear picture and text, bright color and coordination of shade and shade.
The reasonable pressure should be able to use the minimum pressure evenly on the basis of enough solid imprint under the condition of certain printing surface deformation, to obtain satisfactory ink quantity, and to transfer printing pressure appropriately. A certain speed corresponds to a reasonable pressure, what Shenzhen printing factory has done is to effectively control these two variables to get high-quality printing.