What should be paid attention to in magazine printing design

Source: 隆印集团Author: adminTime: 2020-07-17 20:59:03

The publisher of a magazine is responsible for editing the contents and designing the layout of the magazine. The printing is delivered to other printing plants, and a printing sample needs to be given to the printing factory when the delivery is made. The design of magazine sample is related to the printing quality after that. What should we pay attention to when designing the magazine printing? What should be paid special attention to when designing magazine printing?
For magazine printing design, we should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The font size of magazine layout design should not exceed 9 pounds. The magazine size is over nine pounds. It's clumsy and stupid. It's not wise to fill in the blank with font size.
2. Be careful not to have too many fonts. High end magazines should have good taste in font. Be sure to match English fonts with Chinese fonts. Chinese and English fonts must be high-profile and consistent style. Bold song style English and medium line Chinese can not be combined. Very tired visually. It feels like a page made by 7-8 people.
3. Pay attention to the effect of fonts. If you want to decorate, you have to choose. You can use only one stroke. It's better not to bold the font, it will be very rough.
4. There are many words. You can start with columns. It's easy to read the whole text by column. Secondly, pay attention to the same size, line spacing and between words, but don't make it too crowded. This is true even if the text is deleted.
5. Keep the original shape of the picture, remember not to stretch and zoom the picture with still life at will, unless you are doing abstract things. Otherwise, the deformation of the object will be very ugly.
In addition, the printing design also needs to communicate with the printing factory about the specific size and format. If you do not have the design ability, the editor suggests that you can choose a printing enterprise with one-stop printing service. The so-called one-stop service is to provide design, printing and other services.