What kinds of business notebook printing? How to define the price of notebook printing

Source: 隆印集团Author: adminTime: 2020-07-10 12:44:45

Business notebook printing is a very important propaganda tool for enterprises and institutions. We often observe the corporate culture of a company from the details, whether the paper cup for customers has printed the logo of the enterprise, and whether the sales or employees have a delicate business notebook belonging to the enterprise. Many enterprises and institutions put forward the demand for printing business notebooks to us, which stems from the recognition of the professionalism and quality of Shuangfeng printing. Today, the small edition is popular. What are the business notebook printing points? And how is the notebook printing price defined?
1. Common size of business notebook printing:
As we know, in order to customize printed matter, we should first understand the size of printed matter. The commonly used sizes for business notebook printing are 16K (270 * 210mm), 24K (235 * 175mm), 32K (218 * 154mm), 48K (187 * 122mm, 56K (145 * 105mm).
2. Common materials of business notebook printing cover:
The cover material can be divided into: PU leather notebook, kraft paper notebook, color changing leather notebook, hard shell business notebook and soft copy. It is recommended to use PU leather notebook in enterprise office. PU leather notebook printing cost performance ratio is better than notebook, and its use range is also very wide. Whether it is used internally or given to customers, it will not lose its grade.
Finally, how to define the price of notebook printing? Business notebook printing is a non-standard product, which needs to be determined according to the specific needs of users: the price accounting is related to the customized size, number of pages, process requirements, quantity and other factors of notebook printing. The specific marketing calculation shall prevail.
Customized notebook printing can not only focus on the price of notebook printing, but also pay attention to the choice of printing factory. It depends on whether it is a regular manufacturer. Small workshops can not choose small workshops because of lower prices. Small workshops have more or less problems in manufacturing machinery, manufacturing technology and production experience, so the product quality and grade will not be able to guarantee the expected effect. In addition, it depends on whether the purchased materials are formal. There are many kinds of paper classification. On the surface, many are similar, and it is difficult to distinguish by vision alone. Different quality of paper is also very different, good paper, writing experience is particularly different.
For the quality of business notebook printing, enterprises must have strict guarantee. We must ensure that the quality of business notebook is superior, so as to obtain more market customers and achieve efficient publicity effect.