Selection of filling materials for printing ingredients of gift box

Source: 隆印集团Author: adminTime: 2020-06-26 18:44:04

When selecting the filling materials, first select the flat wood strip to put around the plate according to the plate specification. Then configure other filling materials. The wood strips around the printing plate shall be allocated correctly in a certain order. The battens cannot collide with each other. Different plates, configuration of wood should also be different requirements.

The movable type plate is composed of movable type, lead and other filling materials. It is surrounded by lead strips to form a movable type plate. Therefore, when the movable type plate is installed, the wood bars around the plate shall not be shorter than the side length of the plate. During operation, the wood strips on one side of the printing plate must not be clamped in the middle of the wood strips on the other two sides. The four wood strips must stand against each other, and the printing face will fall off and skew, which will cause plate scattering in serious cases. This article is provided by gift box printing.