The printing quality of gift box can be seen from what aspects

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The printing quality of gift box can be seen from what aspects
Good quality gift box can give consumers a good impression and affect consumers' judgment on whether to purchase in a short time. It is particularly important to master the quality of printed matter, which can be seen from these aspects. When a printed product appears, there are different ways or requirements for comment on the gift box in different environments and at different times.
The color difference of gift box seriously affects the appearance quality. The color difference of printed matter can be divided into the following three types:
(1) Original color difference: reproduction of the original color scale is the intention of printing imitation. The highest standard of one-sided comment is to make the printed matter and the original hard to distinguish true from false.
(2) Color difference of the same batch: refers to the color difference of the same batch of products in the same direction of the same color phase area and between different printing sheets.
(3) Color difference of different batches: refers to the color difference between different batches of the same product. If the colors of each batch are slightly different, when they are placed When together, customers will feel that these products are old and new, and even doubt whether their internal quality will be the same as the appearance of instability, which will lead to distrust of the products, and naturally cause dissatisfaction with the quality of the gift box printing factory.
In order to have a better printing quality of gift box, it is better to have a difference of zero. However, in the actual production process, it is impossible to completely eliminate the color error due to various conditions. Only through strengthening the quality control of each link, can the product's color quality be controlled within the standard of regular color difference.
The one-sided evaluation criterion of color quality of gift box is to imitate reality, nature and coordination. In the process of color separation, if you can get close to the original, it will be regarded as a useful color imitation. In the aspect of printing, the customer approved manuscript is taken as the criterion, as long as it can keep up with 90%, it is generally regarded as qualified.
Objective comment. The objective comment on the color quality of gift box is to calculate the result of one-sided comment by means of calculation, and then convert it into the corresponding physical quantity, which is used as the standard of objective comment. In this way, the influence of human factors can be eliminated, and the color quality of all kinds of printed matter can be evaluated fairly by a standardized unified standard, which eventually makes it more in line with the one-sided evaluation standard of most people. The objective evaluation method mainly uses specific measuring instruments and things, and measures some standard elements printed together with the printed image. As long as the gift box is measured, the printing quality can be controlled automatically to some extent.
Color quality and production control. In order to produce high-quality gift boxes, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of the production process, and the quality control mainly depends on the objective evaluation standard of the products, that is, to draw up a set of strict material specifications, and use various instruments to objectively measure and comment on the color quality and other aspects of the printed matter. The purpose of color control is to improve the small gap between the original, sample and product. In the printing process, if the printed matter can be inspected at any time, the problems can be found through the materials with deviation, the causes can be found out in time, and solutions can be found, and then the copy quality of the printed matter can be ensured. In addition to selecting density as a parameter to reflect the color quality of printed matter, it is necessary to implement CIELAB chromaticity value of color as a parameter to detect the printing quality. Every link should be handled in a material way, and every step should be tested, otherwise many errors will appear.