What should be paid attention to when scraping ink on ink paper for gift box printing

Source: 隆印集团Author: adminTime: 2020-04-11 21:53:28
What should be paid attention to when scraping ink on ink paper for gift box printing 
1. Choose paper with uniform fiber and flat surface, such as coated paper or offset paper. The selected paper should be as white as possible. Because if the paper is colored, the color light reflected to the human eye will be the mixed color formed by ink and paper. Although it is sometimes easier to find the difference of the contrast color, it will hinder the estimation of the degree of color deviation and is not conducive to the adjustment of the ink color.
2. Use standard ink sample when contrasting colors with the duplicate method. The standard ink sample is sometimes stored for a period of time, and it will feel a little thick or sticky, while the contrast ink is newly generated, and the end scraping is equivalent to a thick and a thin condition. In this case, you can first smear the thin lining on the paper, then use the small lining knife to repeatedly grind and adjust the thick standard sample several times, and then thicken it on the paper, and immediately scrape the sample. The purpose of this is to reduce the thickness difference between the two inks.
3. Pay attention to the force and uniformity of the scraper and the angle between the scraper and the paper. One boat said that when scraping thin ink, the force can be slightly smaller, and the angle between the knife and the paper surface in the daytime can also be slightly smaller, so that the ink layer can be properly original; when the ink is deputy thick, the force can be slightly larger. The angle between the knife and the paper surface can also be larger, so that the base layer can be appropriately thin.
4. The scraping sample often needs to be stored in the air for a certain period of time, and then reappeared to observe the difference, because the ink is not dry and the color is not the same in many occasions. For with red jade or false gold ink should pay more attention. If time is not allowed, it can be dried in infrared light, and then compared with ink.