What is the printing size and specification of notebook

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What is the printing size and specification of notebook
There are many kinds of notebooks, big and small, on the market. Generally speaking, the most commonly used one is the book size notebook. Why are there notebooks of different sizes? Does the notebook have the corresponding size specification when printing design? If so, what is the printing size and specification of notebook?
Generally speaking, there is no specific standard size for printed matter including notebook. Customers can design specific size specifications according to their own needs, but the designed size specifications must be within the scope of printing factory. In general, there will be corresponding default specifications in the printing industry, as follows:
16K -- cover specification (270 * 210mm) - inner core specification (258 * 188mm);
24K -- cover specification (235 * 175mm) - inner core specification (210 * 190mm);
32K -- cover specification (218 * 154mm) - internal core gauge (208 * 144MM);
48K -- cover specification (187 * 122mm) - inner core specification (170 * 97mm);
56K -- cover specification (145 * 105mm) - inner core specification (128 * 83mm).
As for which size to choose when printing, Xiaobian here gives you some suggestions: if you are designing an office notebook for the company's publicity, I personally prefer the size of 32 openings, such as 14cm * 22cm; the cover uses 2cm cardboard to make a square back hardcover (i.e. the common hard copy); a few color publicity inserts use 128G copper plate paper, page CNC Make it 8 times; the main part in the middle uses 70g double tape, the number of pages is controlled to 32 times, and the total number of pages is within the range of 150-200 pages.
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