Powder spraying requirements for hardcover printing

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Powder spraying requirements for hardcover printing
We know that if it is a large ink level book printing will be used to spray powder. The powder spray used must be in line with the green printing of some plant powder. Within the effective scope of occupational health management monitoring, when we implement the hardcover printing and powder spraying operation, we must require the operators to take protective measures according to the occupational health management requirements.
As a matter of fact, this method can only be considered when the hardcover printing is carried out in the printing factory when other measures can not be taken to avoid the back of the hardcover. In addition, in the process of implementation, the degree of powder spraying should be determined according to the ink level of the printed matter, and the area of powder spraying should be adjusted according to the area of the ink level. Masters of Meida printing always take great care to reduce the use of powder spraying, because powder spraying will also affect the quality of printing products. If there are other colors to be printed on the printed sheet after the powder spraying treatment, the quality of the later printing color will be seriously affected, so we will definitely put the color to be powder sprayed on the final printing. If the printed sheet after powder spraying needs some public benefits such as film covering, the granular powder after film covering will look more obvious. In particular, after the printing products with black background are sprayed with powder, we need to wait for the ink to dry completely and solidify, and then pass through the machine again under the condition that the printing machine uses the grinding roller and the water roller to separate the pressure. Also frequently scrub the blanket to remove the black background powder. So if some need to be coated after printing, glazing treatment of the printed matter, more attention should be paid to the use of powder spray. How to choose printing color for hardcover printing
In hardcover printing process, it is the most important to ensure the color effect of the printing sheet. When we implement hardcover printing, the color management of the printing sample sheet includes the selection of the printing sample sheet parameters.
In hardcover printing, color matching can be divided into three stages, and different reference samples should be selected in different stages. First, the ink volume is roughly adjusted according to the printing plate situation; secondly, the color matching is adjusted according to the customer's signature sample sheet until a satisfactory printing sheet is obtained. On the basis of the most satisfactory printing sheet, a large number of printers will be carried out under the condition of keeping the color effect as stable as possible