The sun fastness of hardcover printing

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The sun fastness of hardcover printing
For hardcover printing in the printing factory, some European and American customers will pay attention to the light fastness of the ink, that is, the sun fastness of the printing. Light fastness refers to the color stability of imprinting under sunlight. Today, I would like to share my knowledge about light fastness of hardcover printing with you.
First of all, we need to know that to determine the light fastness of hardcover printed matter is commonly used as "the blue standard of level 8 sunlight fastness". That is to say, the hardcover printing samples to be tested and the blue wool standard samples are exposed to the sun under the xenon arc lamp at the same time. When the exposure time is fixed, the light resistance grade of the ink can be obtained by comparing with the fading degree of the blue wool standard samples. Grade one is the most serious and grade eight is the least easy to fade. The classification of light fastness is as follows;
Level 1 very poor
2 level poor
Level 3 model
Level 4 relative good
5 level good
Level 6 very good
Level 7 Excel
Level 8 outstanding
Most of the European hardcover book printing buyers of the printing factory require the four-color ink of red and yellow to have a light fastness of grade 5 or above, while those of black and blue need a light fastness of Grade 7 or above. From the senior printing technicians in the printing department of Shenzhen Meida printing factory, we know that the more vivid colors such as fluorescent ink, yellow, light blue, golden red, orange, peach red, purple, green lotus and other color ink, the sun fastness is mostly below level 3.
If is uses the transparent dilute ink to be able to mix the light color ink, is extremely insolvent. The color of the previous sun resistant ink is not bright enough to keep up with the color of Pantone, while the color of the new sun resistant ink is bright, which can be allocated to the color of Pantone, and can be attached to the color matching system database, so that users of the computer color matching system can easily allocate the sun resistant ink.