What are the factors that affect the cost of hardcover printing materials?

Source: 隆印集团Author: adminTime: 2020-02-18 18:22:08

The main factors affecting the cost of printing materials are as follows:
1. Paper cost, printing paper has various kinds of paper, such as copperplate paper, offset paper, light weight coated paper, light paper, etc., generally using quantitative to express its weight parameters, paper with length and width to express the size, web paper with width to express the size, price in tons.
2. Other quotation related material costs, printing and post press processing materials are very extensive, but all kinds of materials are nothing more than two forms of flat sheet and roll, the cost algorithm is similar to that of paper, such as commonly used cloth, leather, gauze and so on.
3. Before calculating the material cost of the printed part, the method of plate assembly and material opening must be mastered. The material of a certain size can be combined with several pages, or the material of a certain size can be cut into several processing units required by the printed part. All of them should be calculated and spelled as reasonably as possible.