How to refine hardcover books for novices

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How to refine hardcover books for novices
A novice just contacted Longyin printing printing factory, observed the daily operation of Longyin printing factory, and saw the whole process of hardcover book production in Shenzhen printing factory.
First of all, the designed hardcover book documents will be handed over to the pre Press Department of Longyin printing factory for inspection, typesetting, and the blue paper waiting for the confirmation of the guests can be arranged for printing on the machine.
After the printing is OK, dry the printed cover and the inner text. In order to prevent the printed pattern and text from getting to other pages because of the color after a certain process, that is, the problem that the masters often say about dragging flowers. After printing, the cover and the text will dry before we can proceed to the next step.
Cutting and folding should be carried out according to the requirements of typesetting. The typesetting method of a hardcover book directly affects the method of cutting and folding. The operation of each semi-finished part in Shenzhen printing factory can only be carried out by signing standard operation samples according to the quality control process. When the folding is finished, we have to arrange the books in order. Page matching is the process of putting all the folded books together in page order.
As for surface treatment, in order to make the cover paper more durable, the common cover is over glued, and the book case production should be done according to the size of the finished hardcover book. Books and periodicals are generally made of gray board paper. When making the shell, glue all the pieces of paper once, and glue the gray board to the paper. When pasting, pay attention to leaving the spine that is the same size as the hardcover book. The spine left is the finished product that is convenient to be made at the back. This process in Shenzhen printing factory has full-automatic high-speed shell machine production, save a lot of manpower at the same time can ensure quality standardization.
Gluing ring lining refers to the white paper or colored paper with one fold and two pages glued on the front and back (up and down) of the hardcover book core. The first is to protect the book core from damage, and the second is to connect it with the book cover firmly, so that some thick hardcover books can be used firmly, which strengthens the practical performance of hardcover books.
Then there is the lock line. The book core that has been matched is connected in series with the folded seams that are pasted with the line according to the sequence of the post code, and locked with each other. This binding method is called the lock line. The process of lock line is mainly based on the accuracy of the equipment in Shenzhen printing factory. Basically, there are various signal manufacturers of martini, and the product quality will not be poor.
Finally, the spine of the book is pressed and applied with glue. When the glue is applied, it is required to flatten and finalize the shape. The semi-finished products are cut on three sides. It depends on whether the hardcover book is a square spine or a round spine. The book is raked, ridged, rubbed, glued with the back cloth and then rubbed, glued with the head cloth, paper on the back of the book and leveled, lined, the book core and the book case are combined, flattened and grooved, and the finished products are inspected. The printing process in Longyin printing is completed in one step by the new Martini hardcover linkage line, which reduces the space flow of parts and guarantees the quality naturally. As a rookie who just joined Longyin printing printing factory, he is very proud to be a knowledge porter.