China Modern Publishing House

China Modern Publishing House has published excellent collections of modern writers on its album. Since its establishment, it has brought together many modern writers of powerful schools and won numerous awards for excellent collections of columns.

The publishing house has established friendly cooperative relationship with our company, Shenzhen Longyin Packaging Co., Ltd. It undertakes the publishing and printing license of the publishing house, the quality of service and printing quality, which is the link of our long-term cooperative relationship with the publishing house.

Since the establishment of our company, after years of efforts, the company has complete equipment, with Komori on-line four-color machine, Mitsubishi on-line four-color machine, Heidelberg on-line four-color machine, Komori monochrome machine. In addition, our company has complete post-press processing equipment, such as die-cutting, oil-passing, glue-passing, UV-passing, bronzing, box-sticking, window-sticking, folding, gluing, hardcover, horse-riding binding, and more than 20 kinds of processes, which can meet the personalized needs of customers with different products.

Our business has expanded to cover hardcover books, paperbacks, magazines, enterprise product picture albums, hardcover building books, hardcover gift boxes, children's books, handbags, notebooks, posters, envelopes, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, packaging boxes, labels, stickers, stickers and other printing services. The integrated printing equipment enlarges our business scope. Among them, our company undertakes the right of publishing and printing of more than five publishing houses.